We practice corporate-wide
principles for ESG
management for
sustainable development.
We fulfill our
responsibilities for the
environment and society
and follow ethical
management principles.


We protect the environment with innovative technologies.

Yanolja cloud solution’s
environmental impact

Expected positive impact on the environment in the case of
introducing cloud-based hospitality solutions(e.g., kiosks, GRM)
(estimated annual avg.)
CO2 emission reduced
1.6 trees
No. of trees protected
Amount of plastic wastes reduced


We are committed to maintaining sound corporate governance through ethical management.

  • We provide shareholders with sufficient information about shareholders’ meetings in advance to
    protect shareholders interest and rights and help them exercise their rights.

  • As our highest-level decision-making body, the Board of Director(BOD) consists of four executive directors, three outside directors and two non-executive directors.
    We hold a regular BOD meeting once a month and special BOD meetings whenever necessary.

    In accordance with Article 42-2 of the Articles of Association, we operate an audit committee and an internal transaction committee.

  • Audit Committee

    Yanolja’s audit committee comprises outside directors
    specialising in finance, accounting, and law to secure
    expertise and independence.

    External Auditor

    We get a regular audit from an independent external
    auditor to secure fairness and transparency of
    accounting information.

  • According to our code of ethics, we run business following the basic principles of ethical
    management and appoint the Chief Compliance Officer for monitoring and control.

    Basic Principles of Ethical Management


    All members of the company should not violate any laws or the company’s internal regulations in all of their activities that are directly or indirectly related to the company.


    All members of the company should be able to transparently disclose the process and details of decisions made related to their work.


    All members of the company should make decisions and act in the best interest of the company according to the principle of reasonable judgment.

    Misconduct Reporting

    Any illegal or fraudulent acts by the employees of Yanolja and its affiliates can be reported.
    We strictly keep the identity of informants confidential, and they do not get any disadvantages in any form.

    Types of Misconduct Reported

    • Receiving rewards from stakeholders
    • Lack of transparency in selecting a supplier
    • Illegal use and abuse of company asset
    • Illegal investment in accounts
    • Multiple job-holding by employees
    • Leakage of company information
    • Other moral laxity
    • Sexual harassment
    • Workplace bullying

    Where to Report

    • Y-Siren (Compliance/Whistleblowing)

      Y-Siren is an anonymous reporting system, and an external specialist agency, KBEI, manages the website and its server. The whistleblower’s identity is never revealed without his or her consent.

    If you have complaints about our products or services, which are not related to reporting illegal or fraudulent acts,
    please contact our customer center(1644-1346).