A global leisure super app

Yanolja is a global leisure super app
offering all kinds of services related to
accommodations, leisure, and
  • UZAKROKA TRAVEL AWARDS 2020 The world’s best travel app
  • Total app downloads 40 million+
  • APPLE APP STORE The best app of the year
  • 2019 MAX SUMMIT AWARD In the tour & hotel category
14,948,732 Cumulative users of all platforms
Global data platform
Global data platform

Yanolja provides
all kinds of leisure services.

You can book and enjoy more than one million
accommodations around the world,
all kinds of leisure, and transportation
such as flights, trains, and rental cars.

Yanolja is a global data
that has the
leisure inventory
in Korea.

We improve customer satisfaction through
data-based marketing and forecast
and lead leisure trends by utilizing
the biggest data in Korea.

Yanolja develops quality
for special leisure experiences.

We contribute to the development and vitalization
of the leisure industry by developing content.

Naver Post

A global leisure platform

You can experience all kinds of
leisure service offered by Yanolja.

An integrated premium leisure booking platform

We create an unforgettable day
through Daily Hotel’s booking service.