Space business for leisure

We lead space trends through innovative
attempts. We offer comprehensive
services ranging from construction,
design, space maximization,
guestroom amenities distribution.
  • Accumulated C&D projects 340+ projects
  • No. of Yanolja hotels 220+
  • No. of products 10K+

We offer a total solution
construction and
interior design.

Yanolja provides optimized construction services for
each type of space based on accumulated data and know-how.
Yanolja leads trends of various space types,
such as hotels, cultural complexes, shared offices,
hospitals, cafe and residential areas.

Yanolja is the largest
brand hotel company

in Korea and
Southeast Asia.

Yanolja has diverse brand lineups
from unique design hotels to premium hotels.

With its internal R&D
center and
sourcing capabilities,

Yanolja leads the

of the MRO industry.

Yanolja sells more than 10,000 guestroom
items needed for hotel operation. We develop
innovative products through the R&D center
and secure price competitiveness, thus offering
quality products at reasonable prices.


Yanolja leads trends related to leisure space.

For more information about Yanolja’s space business, visit our Yanolja Business website.