Yanolja advances into Southeast Asian hotel solutions market with Y FLUX RMS

August 19 2020

– Partners with global IoT leader Bnetworks to jointly develop a localized hotel solution

– To innovate the Southeast Asian hospitality industry with the launch of a fully-integrated hotel RMS package and reinforced API linkage

Yanolja (CEO & Founder Sujin Lee), a global top leisure platform, signed a Strategic and Technology Development Agreement with Bnetworks (CEO Tharmaindran K.Gannasin), a global IoT company, to reinforce the expansion into the Southeast Asian hotel solutions market.

Bnetworks is a leading Malaysian IT company that develops IoT operation software and smart devices for residential and commercial facilities. Bnetwork’s bWave, the first commercialized IoT solution in Malaysia, was adopted by several local companies, including real estate developers and mobile carriers. Yanolja selected Bnetworks, which has local networks and expertise in IoT technologies, as its partner to expand the Southeast Asian market for its Y FLUX RMS, which was launched first domestically in Korea in June of this year.

Both companies will advance the Y FLUX RMS through technological cooperation; launch an integrated package for hotels; and jointly promote and sell the solution, targeting major Southeast Asian markets including, but not limited to, the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia.

First, they will launch an integrated Y FLUX RMS package for local hotels in Southeast Asia by combining Yanolja’s RMS software with the IoT hardware units produced and supplied by Bnetworks. In addition, they will reinforce the API linkage, optimizing it for local environments to ensure efficient operations. They aim to take a prominent position in the cloud-based hotel solutions market in Southeast Asia through close collaboration, including joint promotion and marketing of the Y FLUX solution.

Tharmaindran K.Gannasin, Bnetworks CEO, said: “We will be able to realize the concept of Smart and Automated Hotels, which has been a wishlist of many hoteliers, by combining both companies’ innovative technologies, platforms, and services. We will provide active support to successfully rollout Y FLUX RMS across Southeast Asia so that it will be a gamechanger in the hospitality industry of the future.”

Jongyoon Kim, CEO of Online Business at Yanolja, said: “Previously, hotels managed different datasets for different services, so real-time data sharing and integrated data management were difficult. Y FLUX RMS is a leading cloud-based technology that organically and seamlessly connects data across all services provided by hotels. We will introduce optimum technologies for local hotels and bring innovation to the Southeast Asian hospitality industry through the partnership with Bnetworks, a leader of IoT technologies in the region.”

Yanolja is the global no.1 hospitality solution provider, supplying solutions to more than 22,000 customers spread across 160 countries, in more than 60 different languages. Yanolja has developed Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms for the leisure industry, including hotels, leisure facilities and restaurants, since 2017, in response to a global industrial trend shifting to cloud-based businesses. Last year, it secured original technologies through the acquisition of top PMS providers both at home and abroad, such as Garam, Seereal, and eZee Technosys. Based on this, Yanolja is leading technological innovation in the global hospitality market with internally developed hotel automation solutions, including self-service check-in kiosks and Y FLUX RMS.