Global no.1 cloud-based
hospitality solution company

Yanolja provides integrated
IoT·AI-based hotel solutions in
approximately 170 countries worldwide.
  • Running buiness in 170+ countries
  • No. of OTA interfaced 130+
  • No. of license agreements signed 43,000+
  • No. of languages available 60+

You can conveniently
check in
with your mobile.

You can rapidly and conveniently
check in
by utilizing blockchain-based
identity authentication or facial recognition. To be developed

You can control access to
your rooms using your mobile.

You don’t need to worry about losing a card key.
You can open and close your guestroom door
remotely. Plus, you can share your mobile smart key
with your companions. To be commercialized in 2021

You can control your room
and use concierge services via
mobiles or voice commands.

You can use various services
-lighting, temperature control,
amenities, in-room dining requests,
room cleaning and others-
via mobile and voice commands. Part of the above services to be commercialized in 2021

Just click once,

and you can conveniently check out.

We provide mobile services throughout
the entire check-out process,
including extending your stay or
making additional payments. To be developed

Y FLUX adds convenience to your travel.

Y FLUX is a fully integrated hotel automation solution.
We build a cloud solution ecosystem that satisfies the needs of all related parties,
such as accommodations, booking channels and customers.
Check out Tech Story to learn more about Y FLUX.